Athlete's Foot & How we can help!

Athlete's Foot & How we can help!

At this time of year, as the temperature rises, Athlete's Foot becomes a more common problem.

Sweaty feet, Walking by the pool without flip flops, wearing Walking boots in hot weather, Lycra & tight undergarments, can all lead to a change in the Micro-climate, leading to an increase in Fungals.

The Kolorex Foot & toe cream, offers the natural candida support of the ancient herb horopito in an effective anti-fungal cream for treatment of athlete’s foot and related fungal problems, including Yellowing toe nails.

Free from:

* Synthetic preservatives

* mineral oils

* Synthetic fragrances

* Parabens

* Animal products

£13 & p&p 0118 931 3000


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