Horopito and Aniseed - expiry date is Oct 2021

New Candida Treatment

What is Kolorex?

Kolorex capsules contain only the milled leaves of Pseudowintera colorata and milled aniseed. Pseudowintera colorata is a native New Zealand shrub that Dr. John Walker and his team at Canterbury University discovered contains polygodial, a very fast acting and effective agent against Candida and other fungi. They found polygodial was more active against Candida than the most powerful antifungal commercially available (Amphortericin B). Trials by Forest Farm found it was even more effective when taken in combination with aniseed. This was confirmed in 1991 when two researchers at the University of California discovered that anethole, the active ingredient in aniseed, increased the activity of polygodial against Candida 32 times! This powerful synergy is what enables Kolorex to shift Candida that has resisted other medications.

How Do I Take It?
As with all powerful herbal medicines it should be used in moderation. A survey of 11 naturopaths from around New Zealand (Forest Farm, 1992) found the most effective dose to be one of each type of capsule per day for 30 days. The regime can be repeated  as required. It should be taken on a full stomach and washed well down with water.

Are There Side Effects?
Some people experience stomach discomfort, nausea and/or dizziness. These usually tail off through the course of treatment which indicates they are a "herxheimer" reaction to the body absorbing large quantities of breaking down yeast cells rather than an allergy to Kolorex. The survey of naturopaths referred to above found that only 3% of patients stopped taking Kolorex due to unpleasant side effects.

Produced by: Forest Herbs of New Zealand.

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