Why Candida Counts?

Why Candida Counts?

My mentor, Dr Helmut Schimmel, one of Germany's top doctors of natural medicine, put forward a protocol concerning the major problems and issues that the human body faces on it's journey through life;

1) Viruses.

2) Destructive Bacteria.

3) Fungals.

4) Parasites.

5) Geopathic stress ( Negative land energy / radio pollution etc).

He felt that the toxic loading of these accumulated items contributed hugely to shortening human life span. We are always dealing with toxicity, at all levels which is why doing your best to eliminate toxins is a primary goal for the best life we can lead.

Kolorex concentrates on regulating the  activity of fungal links in the body,

The liver, pancreas and digestive tract form the tripod upon which the whole of body health rests and balances. Kolorex works to reduce the loading of fungal issues throughout the pelvic quadrant and also the circulation and transport systems  throughout the body structure.

Well worth giving the system a kolorex detox  as part of a regular system cleanse.