Future You - Ecologic 505 (ProBio 8)

Ecologic 505 has been re-branded and is now in different packaging (as per new picture), with a new Name - ProBio 8!



In total of 1 x 10' (1,000,000,000 -1 billion) CFU
(colony forming units) per gramme. Corn starch­maltodextrin-bacteria mix-FOS (or fructo­oligosaccharides) - Elm Bark (or Cortex Ulm us Fulva) - cellulose-enzymes.
The bacteria mix includes: Bifidobacterium lactis,
L. acidophilus, L. caesei, L. thermophilus, Le. lactis.


Ecologic products contain at least 10' living bacteria per gramme of product. The bacteria, all dried in such a way to maintain their vitality, are mixed with a carrier, which serves as a first food source for them and helps to have a long shelf life of the product. A teaspoon of the powder mixed with preferably lukewarm water in a glass gives the conditions for the bacteria to take up all the water they need. In this way the processes of a normal living cell start again. The product contains a number of strains of bacteria. Each one of them is used for decades in food products; none of them is manipulated genetically. "The philosophy" of the product· is to present as much different safe strains as is feasible in order to get as near as possible to the complex situation of a good and stable microflora.


A number of strains in Ecologic have colonising properties. Their cell walls contain components, which can adhere strongly to target cells of the intestine.
In this way colonisation by pathogenic bacteria is prevented. Ecologic also contains Bifidobacteria, which are as important as early inhabitants of the intestines are. Not all strains adhere to the gut wall; they pass through the entire system and can influence the more distal parts of the intestine.

Digestion and Absorption

The bacteria in Ecologic contain enzymes active in the digestion of foodstuffs.

What is the working principle of Ecologic?

The human intestine contains many different kinds of microbiological activity. Normally all this life is in balance, resulting in a stable situation. Whenever this balance is disturbed by whatever influence, the body might have trouble in recovering a new balance, especially if there are complex factors like: use of antibiotics, or other medicines that can harm the intestinal flora in an unnatural way.

Ecologic contains high doses of different lactic acid forming bacteria, with good symbiotic behaviour. Together with the other components like enzymes, carriers, nutrition for the bacteria, and others. Ecologic is a mix that is well balanced in itself and can help the body to recover the biological balance in the gut.
Pack size: 100 gms.



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