Pro Symbio Flor

Sterile autolysate of physiological Escherichia coli and Streptococcus faecalis sp. faecalis. Autolysate of 101 bacteria per ml.

Properties and Range of Applications
Activates body's own defences, gastro-inte.stinal disorders, treatment of dysbiosis.

Therapy with symbioflor preparations is indicated in:
1. Frequently recurring infections in children and adults, chronic infections, especially of the urn-genital and respiratory tracts, infections caused by bacteria resistant to chemotherapy and viruses. 

2 Stomach and intestinal disorders.

3 Allergic disorders.

4 Skin disorders.

5 Anti-microbial therapy as a complementary or  follow-up treatment.

6 Rheumatic illness (as complementary therapy).

7 Tumours (as complementary therapy).

Dosage and Application (if not otherwise prescribed)
3 Times a day orally (morning, midday and evening to be taken in water with meals). 10 Drops each time to begin with, increase to 30 drops each time within 2 weeks according to tolerance (see "side effects") and give this dose for about 4-6 weeks.

Length of use of Pro-Symbioflor depends on the individual and their response to treatment.

Side Effects: None.

Where there is initial intolerance (distension, flatulence, discomfort in the upper abdomen) lower the dose  (to 5 drops or fewer three times a day according to circumstances). Increase the number of drops more slowly up to the normal dose of 30 drops 3 times a day.

Interactions: None.

Contraindications: None.

Special Instructions
Shake well before use. Shaking disperses the contents  of the bottle thoroughly. A slight cloudiness arises from  this. It is recommended that the bottle be opened only briefly when in use and the contents carefully dispensed in drops. Do not touch the dropper. Pro-Symbioflor does not contain any preservatives and is therefore liable to contamination if not used properly. It is easier to dispense the drops of Pro-Symbioflor if the bottle is stood upright on its top to start with and given a short tap. Tipping the bottle makes the drops flow more slowly. Close the bottle tightly after use. Protect from warmth and sunshine. Keep at room temperature or in the fridge. Opened bottles cannot be exchanged.
Slight variation in the fullness of the bottles is inevitable given the contents.

Expiry Date
Unopened it lasts indefinitely. Opened bottles should
be used within 2-3 weeks with proper handling (see special instructions).
Pack size: 50 ml.

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