Symbio Flor 1


Culture of physiological Streptococcus faecalis sp. faecalis. Live cells and autolysate of 10' per ml.
Properties and Range of Applications
Activates body's own defence mechanisms, gastro­intestinal disorders, treatment of dysbiosis.

Microbiological therapy with Symbioflor preparations is indicated in:

1 Frequently recurring infections in children and adults, chronic infections, especially of the um-genital and respiratory tracts, infections caused by bacteria resistant to chemotherapy and viruses. 

2 Stomach and intestinal disorders.

3 Allergic disorders.

4 Skin disorders.

5 Anti-microbial therapy as a complementary or follow-up treatment.

6 Rheumatic illness (as complementary therapy).

7. Tumours (as complementary therapy).

Dosage and Application (if not otherwise prescribed)

Non-feverish Illnesses

Adults: 20 Drops orally twice a day (after getting up in the morning and before going to sleep at night). Take the drops, hold them in the mouth for a while and gargle with them before swallowing.

Children: 20 Drops orally, 3 times a day before meals; 10 drops twice daily in the nose.

Acute feverish illnesses
50 Drops orally to start with, then 30 drops orally every 2 hours, in certain cases hourly. Once the fever has died down, gradually reduce to 20 drops twice a day.

Infants have half the prescribed amount at any given time.

Parallel to these are the following applications according to case

Nose Sinuses: Put drops of Symbioflor I into an egg cup, take up with a pipette and drop 5 drops into each nostril (lie on the back, with head back). In sinus ailments bend the head well forward at once. Symbioflor I can also be applied directly into the nose.  Do not touch the dropper. Apply twice a day, every 2 hours or even hourly, according to the individual's needs.

Ear (only if prescribed): Lying on the side fill the auditory canal with Symbioflor I, let it work for 15 minutes, then put in a loose cotton wool swab.  Symbioflor I may be applied direct or with a pipette.  Apply twice daily or even every 2 hours or hourly, according to the individual's needs.

Eyes: Fill an eyebath with sterile, physiological solution of salt (obtainable from chemists). Put in 5 drops of  Symbioflor I and bathe both eyes while opening and closing the lids. Apply twice daily, every 2 hours or hourly, according to the individual's needs.

Mucous Membranes in Mouth: 30 Drops of Symbioflor I orally s times a day. Wash the mouth out thoroughly, gargle well before swallowing. Apply every 2 hours or hourly, according to the individual's needs.

Upper Airways: The treatment of the upper airways with Symbioflor I can be intensified by the use of an inhaler (obtainable from chemists). Only if prescribed.

The length of time for which Symbioflor should be used depends on circumstances. In the context of microbiological therapy the treatment plan envisages the use of Pro-Symbioflor, Symbioflor I, Symbioflor 11 and Symbioflor Antigen in stages.

Side Effects: None

Interactions: Avoid combining with antibiotic treatment.

Contra-indications: None.

Expiry Date

Unopened it lasts indefinitely. Opened bottles should be used within 2 to 3 weeks with proper handling (see  "Special Instructions").

Pack size: 50ml


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